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My name is Sarah and I first came across Flavia Del Monte via an online video, when I was searching for exercises to help tone my arms and lose some weight around my tummy and bum. Prior to using the Full Body-Licious Workout I hated getting on the scales, as it was soul destroying looking at how my weight would fluctuate but never in the right direction. I weighed approximately 185lbs – which was well above the weight I wanted to be, and felt I SHOULD BE for my height (5ft 5in). I always wanted to be slimmer without losing all my curves and wanted to weigh around 145lbs. I remember being that weight knocked my confidence and wouldn’t even dare approach a guy in a bar, for fear of being teased.

Having viewed Flavia’s videos, the first things that struck me was that seemed really down to earth and I instantly related to her. She seemed to understand well the problems I was facing. I did a quick Google search of her and found that Flavia Del Monte had a workout programme called Full Body Workout. I was a bit sceptical as to what would happen and how well it work, but ultimately I felt I could trust her having seen her videos. I thought that I would give it a chance and put every bit of energy I had into making it work for me.

Phenomenal Workout & Results!!!

Having purchased this workout package just 16 weeks ago, I have to say the results have been phenomenal! Of course, I had tried workout DVD’s in the past but they didn’t seem to give me the results I was looking for and seemed to be one size fits all. I started eating more because the training workouts made me so hungry and then I began to put on more weight again.

The best thing about the Flavia Del Monte Full Body-Licious Workout is how well she teaches you to control your diet, informing you of the best things to eat and the worst foods to eat. I thought it was common sense but was surprised how many “good foods” are actually BAD for me and how many of us are eating these foods thinking we are being healthy and doing the right thing. It was so important to have a strict plan like the one offered in Flavia Del Monte Full Body-Licious Workout. I have been struggling to lose weight for 11 years and I wanted to be told when to train and what to eat to help me reach my goals, and this programme delivered on that.

As a 26 years old woman, who for the last 11 or so years has been (or was) overweight, I was starting to think I would never be able to get in shape, as I had tried other workout programmes and none of them had worked for me and some had resulted in me getting bigger. This workout programme made me realise that the kick-starting motivation lied with me – and all I needed was the guidance and continual motivation to make sure I was doing things right.

My Confidence Has Never Been So High

With the help of Flavia Del Monte I was able to maintain focus, strip my fat and get myself in a position where I am somewhere close to where I want to be. The last 4 months should have been tough, but they were made INCREDIBLY EASY by the Flavia Del Monte Full Body-Licious Workout.

I am now down to 160lb, which I am so pleased about. I may not be at my target weight yet but I am on track to achieve it and the fact that I am losing weight has had such a positive impact on my confidence. I can now wear the clothes I’ve always wanted to wear, rather than wear baggy, unflattering clothes. It can be difficult to notice if you’re losing weight just by looking in the mirror, but my friends have all noticed the difference and commented on how good and happy I look now.

I strongly recommend the Flavia Del Monte Full Body-Licious Workout to anyone that is serious about losing weight and getting in shape. This programme isn’t a magic wand and you will need to put in the work, but it’s worth it. I give this programme a massive 5 Stars and hope that you all pay the small price for such a brilliant workout regime!

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