It’s a business doing pleasure


Did that headline grab your attention? Has it taken you a few times to read it and the penny has just dropped?

We get asked to review all sorts of things, common taste and decency means that we refrain from listing them here, but where should we draw the line? After all, the ‘adult’ industry (and associated products) is a booming market, even back when it was considered risqué to show off an ankle, you could bet that someone, somewhere was baring a knee or even (outrageously) a thigh and making a pretty penny for doing so.

As languages and attitudes change, people are much more open and accepting of that sort of thing, but still … really? Could we? We wouldn’t.

One extreme to another

OK, the adult theme is the extreme end of the spectrum, we wouldn’t expect to (and don’t) review anything like that, we don’t ever envisage doing so, but of course, there must be a need for it because there are many people and companies doing just that. We are more than happy to review products that people are looking for, either on a daily basis or something as a treat to themselves, but those products really can vary; a WordPress website design right through to fitness equipment and homeware, we do it all and do it well.

Quality reviews

Being completely independent means that we can be just like your slightly drunk friend at a party -honest, to the point of brutality in some cases. Like it or lump it, all reviews will be our genuine opinion, we won’t be sucked into a manufacturers pocket (although … Hello? Aston Martin? Why yes, I’d love to have a long term road test of a Vantage, just let me finish writing this on my shiny Apple Mac and then upload it to my WordPress website design platform and I’ll be right with you).

Money Money Money (must be funny, in a rich man’s world)

Money is very hard won these days, it seems that hours get longer, work gets harder and rewards get fewer, why would you want to buy an inferior product, only for it to need replacing sooner?

We are exactly the same as you; people that work hard so they can (if they choose) afford to buy some shiny new toy(s) to show for all of that hard work. We wouldn’t want to buy a duff, semi-useless toy / gadget / household item and we don’t think you will either.

If you’re looking for something in particular, why not contact us and let us know – space and time permitting, we’ll always try and help with un-biased and professional reviews, be safe in the knowledge that we really aren’t trying to sell you anything!

Equally, have you brought anything on the strength of one of our reviews and have fallen in love with it? Does our review match your opinion? We’d love to know your thoughts, please get in touch and let us know.

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