Microcap Millionaires – Paving the Right Track to Micro-Investing


Interested in entering the stock market or are you one who is already into it? Not sure how to go about making the right picks in stocks? Think again for there is a way to help you put you on track and guide your way by of micro- investing in penny stocks which are essentially small value stocks. The term penny stock was coined with the intent for investors to trade in stocks valued at under $1 although this has now been raised to $5.

The Founder

Matt Morris, a stocks marketing analyst of repute started a service in the field of stocks known as Microcap Millionaires to provide guidance and share his inputs for registered members at a nominal fee. He comes with a strong background in stock market trading and has certain workable strategies up his sleeve for picking out promising stocks with high probability in performing well. One can gain access to a valuable and secured ‘once in a decade stock pick report ‘at a mere cost of $7 while the micro-investment subscription is just $27. Since new investors to the business of stocks are a cautious lot, preferring to invest only in small amounts, such strategic services are helpful.

According to Matt, investors must have ‘information’ in hand without which investing can lead to foolish decisions. When you invest in small amount it means literally the bluechip companies are out of range and options available become smaller unknown names or ones that are newly launched. However the market structure for stocks being volatile and unpredictable many of these small names might just turnaround to become popular in a short period of time thereby making the invested stock value substantial. Of course, it must be kept in mind that the reverse process can also take place which means the stocks not picking up in which case the investor loses money but albeit in small value.

Services from Microcap Millionaires

Coming to the services of Microcapmillionaires, which include:

  • Dispatch of newsletters via email on a regular basis

  • Real-time alerts on stock movements via email and text messaging

  • Watch list providing recommendations by Matt on a daily basis.

  • Sufficient homework and background check done on stock including fundamental analysis and graphical charts.

  • Provides tips on how to identify the ideal picks and rule out the ‘not-so-worthy’ ones. Matt mentions this as “spot tells” and “ignore the bluffs.”

  • Personal support at every stage of stock trading such as help with sourcing out authorized brokers, identifying legitimate online trading platforms, knowing the optimal time of when to enter into or exit from a stock etc.

  • Training to develop insights so as to get the odds swings in your favour.

  • Gain access to forum created especially for members for exchange of viewpoints, suggestions, experiences and community support.

  • Relieves one from having to remain online full-time to track stock movements. Also members don’t have to spend hours on trying to learn the nitty-gritty of stock marketing as relevant learning material is provided to members.

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